Tips for Making Your Period Easier


When it comes to that “time of month” for women, it can be painful and frustrating. With symptoms like painful cramps, bloating, nausea, back pain, headaches, appetite changes, and raging emotions, living a normal daily life during your period can be difficult. Below are some great tips that should help lessen severity of common symptoms experienced during periods to help make PMS a little less B-A-D.

  1. Take pain reliever meds before it starts: Take over the counter medication for pain relief before the pain starts. By taking it a day before, you are “staying ahead of the pain”, making it easier to treat and keep under control. You can try medications like TylenolAdvilAleve, or Midol to help with pain relief.
  2. Have some red wine: A study shows that having more than one drink of red wine per week was negatively associated with anxiety, mood changes, and headache brought on by your period.
  3. Use an app to track it: Know when your period is coming by using cycle reminders. This will help you better prepare for your cycle, while explaining your shifts in behavior.
  4. Give birth control a try: A major review of 23 studies confirmed that birth control with estrogen doses can ease pain of PMS, as well as making symptoms like mood swings, flow, and length of your period much better.
  5. Load up on calcium: A week before your period, start consuming calcium enriched foods which can help with bloating, cravings, and pain. Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to period troubles, so grab the dairy!
  6. Try an app for appetite: There are apps available that ask you what you are craving, then have you perform as task (like loading a game, solving a puzzle, etc), which actually distracts your brain, sometimes helping to forgo the cravings altogether.
  7. Wash your face: Your period can affect how your skin reacts, often making it more oily. Wash you face more often throughout the week to prevent more breakouts and more stress.
  8. Tea with Thyme: Recent studies show thyme can be just as effective as ibuprofen for cramp pain relief. Add some fresh thyme to your tea to try this out.
  9. Have sex: By having an orgasm on your period, you can lessen PMS symptoms, as well as getting a nice boost of endorphins.
  10. Eat protein: Protein provides you with the energy you need to get through your cycle. Try to get the recommended 46 grams of daily protein.

Try these great tips to see if they help your next period be a little less painful. Taking pain medication? Stop at first to get your free coupon to help you save!



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