Tips for a Germ Free Back to School


It’s time for back to school, which means its back to germs! With children spreading germs on a daily basis, getting sick is almost inevitable. Below are some simple tips that can be used to help protect you and your family from the back to school germs.

  1. Hand Sanitizer: Throw a travel size hand sanitizer in your child’s backpack for the times where they cant get to a bathroom to wash their hands. The use of antibacterial gel can help on field trips, before eating lunch, or just during class after interaction with many other classmates.
  2. Immunization: Some schools require a certain amount of immunizations, but it is also important to make sure your child is prepared with all other necessary vaccinations to avoid potentially worse issues than the common cold. Check with your doctor to find out what vaccinations are recommended for your child’s age.
  3. Wash hands often and properly: Teaching children how to properly wash their hands with soap is critical is stopping the spread of germs found on surfaces everywhere. It was reported that approximately only 33% of girls and 8% of boys used soap in a study of middle and high school student’s hygiene. Hands should be washed often as well before eating, etc. instead of just after bathroom use.
  4. Do Not Share Personal Objects: Especially in high school, gym class, etc, you might see kids sharing personal items such as helmets, gloves, makeup, creams, etc. If possible, try to avoid situations where you are sharing objects that can lead to even worse things like MRSA or Herpes. It is best to share minimally.
  5. Teach Germ Etiquette: As kids, sometimes you might see a child sneeze on a toy and another reach for it as if it was brand new and spotless. By showing them how to properly cover their mouths when sneezing and coughing, as well as politely distancing from other children who are showing signs of sickness, they can lessen their chances of catching germs.
  6. Be Well Supplied: By ensuring they have their own pens, pencils, etc. at their own disposal, then they will cut down on the need to borrow, etc- which could open them up to more potential germ sharing.
  7. Watch out for Germ Spots: Cafeteria Trays, Door Handles, Desks, Toilet Seats, Water Fountains – all of these are main germ spots that can carry more germs that other places in schools, because of the frequent use or nature of the area. Kids should know that after contact with these places, its best to wash hands or antibacterialize.
  8. Keep Backpack Clean: After daily use, parents or kids should wipe down backpacks with a wet cloth or sanitary wipe, or thoroughly wash them if possible. With many day of old lunches, dirty gym clothes, and daily wear, it is important to into include routine cleanings.
  9. Build Immunity: Keeping a child healthy includes building a strong immune system with enough sleep, vitamins, exercise, and a balanced diet.
  10. Provide Germ Supplies in Class: Many schools do not fund enough items for each classroom, leaving teachers to have to maintain a healthy room. When possible, donate sanitizer or germ supplies to your child’s classroom to help other students stay clean and germ free as well!

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