Hyperkalemia: Save on Treatment Options


A common diagnosis, Hyperkalemia is when a patient has abnormally elevated levels of potassium in their blood. Although it is well tolerated and usually mild, severe hyperkalemia can lead to cardiac arrest or death. Critical for normal functioning of the nerves, heart, or muscles, potassium plays an important role in daily life. However, low or high potassium levels can lead to abnormal heart rhythms. Severe hyperkalemia can cause suppression of electrical activity of the heart and cause the heart to stop beating. It can also cause an interference with skeletal muscles, sometimes turning into muscle paralysis.

We have several coupons that can be used to help treat hyperkalemia.

Free Kionex Discount: Used for the treatment of high levels of potassium in your blood, Kionex powder works as a potassium-removing resin. It helps to draw potassium out of the large intestine to then remove it from your body. Save up to 80% off your purchase of Kionex with our special discount.

Free Kayexalate Discount: Working like Kionex, Kayexalate is a potassium-removing resin that is used for patients that have abnormally high potassium levels. Use our free discount savings card to save on your next purchase of kayexalate.

In some cases, an insulin treatment might be prescribed for patients with hyperkalemia, as they can help control sugar levels in your body as well. We have discounts on insulin treatments, like our free Humulin discount, free Novolin discount, or free Velosulin discount.

If you are taking a medication for the treatment of abnormal potassium levels caused by hyperkalemia, see how we can help you save on your prescriptions. Check with us before your next trip to the pharmacy.


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