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When it comes to prescriptions, costs can start adding up quickly. However, here at, we believe in savings. That’s why we bring you amazing discounts and coupons on the top prescribed medications. Why pay more for your medication, when you can save on each refill with FREE coupons? Check out the savings below:

Free Crestor Coupon: Use this free coupon to get Crestor for $18 a month for 12 uses. Prescribed to help lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and to help slow the build up of fatty deposits in your blood vessels, Crestor belongs to a group of drugs that help lower LDL cholesterol, while helping to increase HDL cholesterol.

Free Nexium Coupon: Qualified patients can pay just $15 for their 30 day prescription with this savings card. Working as a proton pump inhibitor, Nexium decreases the amount of stomach acid that is produced. It is popularly prescribed for the treatment of GERD and other conditions that involve excessive stomach acid.

Free Synthroid Coupon: Receive special coupons and offers, like $3 off a 30-day supply for cash payers, or $10 off a 90-day supply! Used as a replacement for normally produced hormones that regulate the body’s energy and metabolism from thyroid gland, Synthroid helps to treat hypothyroidism in which case your body does not product enough of this thyroid hormone.

Free Advair Coupon: Used in the prevention of asthma attached, Advair contains fluticasone and salmeterol, that help to release inflammation causing substances and to relax airway muscles to improve breathing. It can also help prevent flare-ups or COPD worsening.

Stop wasting money by paying full price for your medications! Browse our free medicine coupons database to see what free savings are waiting for you.



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