3 Ways to Save on Prescription Costs


Medicinecoupons.net is dedicated to helping you save on your prescriptions and medications! Still not sure how? There are three simple ways we can help you save on your next trip to the pharacy:

1-      Print out your own free discount medicine card. Often times, people who are uninsured or under-insured are forced to pay ridiculous prices for their prescription medication. But by taking your free discount prescription card with you, you can save up to 80% on the purchase of many eligible prescriptions. The card requires no registration, fees, membership, or cost, and works at over 60,000 pharmacies Nationwide! You can even share it with friends and family. You can print your own free discount drug card here: PRINT MY DISCOUNT CARD

2-      Free medicine coupons are added to our site each and every week, bringing you the hottest savings on the web! We have a vast database of free medicine coupons for anything from free yoga classes and toothbrushes to life-saving cancer medication and diabetes treatments. Search for free prescription coupons by just typing in the name of the item you are looking to save on, and we will show you any available coupons for that product. It is simple, fast, and 100% free.

3-      Developed by drug manufacturers themselves, patient assistance programs are created to help eligible patients receive even further discounts. These free discount programs are available for hundreds of medications from anxiety to heart disease, offering qualified patients deeper discounts, and sometimes even free medication! To find an available patient assistance program for your medication, simple type in the name of your prescription in our PAP Search Tool.

With prescription costs rising and the demand for medication at record highs, many people are overpaying for their current medical costs. Avoid paying too much for your next medication refill by using our three easy and free tools for free discounts, coupons, and savings. Start saving with Medicinecoupons.net today!


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