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Medicine Coupons FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What does do?

1. gives you unlimited access to free coupons.

Download and print coupons and free discount cards, good for savings on THOUSANDS of prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Search for Savings on over 20,000 medicines today. coupon search

2. gives you access to Patient Assistance information.

Patient assistance programs (PAPs) provide thousands of medicines to those who qualify through patient assistance programs (PAPs). See if you qualify to receive your medicine for free. (Start Your Search) pap serch

3. offers FREE Prescription Savings Cards for Individuals & Groups of ANY SIZE.

Our Prescription Savings Card can save you up to 80% on prescription medicine at over 60,000 pharmacies across the US. (including most major chain and smaller independent pharmacies) CLICK to Request FREE Prescription Savings Cards

How much does your service cost?

Our website is 100% FREE to use. Download as many medicine coupons you need; as often as you like. Access as much patient assistance information as you need to access. Print and/or request as many Prescription Savings cards as you need.

Will any information I provide to you on this website be shared or sold to other companies?

Your privacy is very important to us. Unless you specifically request services from a third party service provider, your information will not be shared.

What if my medicine is not found on your list?

In the unlikely event that it is not on the list, remember we have over 20,000 listed medications, you can contact us by clicking here, tell us the name of your medicine and we will do our best to have it added to our database. If you need to purchase your medicine, and it is NOT covered by insurance, download our FREE Prescription Savings card . It can be redeemed at over 60,000 pharmacies for savings up to 80%.


What kinds of Medicine Coupons does your site offer? has 2 different types of free coupons. We have coupons from medicine manufacturers for prescription and over the counter medicines; and we have Our Free Prescription Savings card.

Can I use your free coupons with my insurance?

Some of the coupons found on can be used in conjunction with insurance. Please refer to the terms and conditions found on each coupon.

How do I sign up to start receiving my Medicine Coupons?

It is very simple. You can go to the home page of our website and simply type in the name of your Medicine or click here to be directed to the medicine search tool. Once you find your medicine, follow the simple instructions to receive your coupons.

How do I get the Medicine Coupons?

Our coupons are delivered in one of 2 ways depending on the coupon. Some coupons are delivered via a link in your email, while other coupons are immediately printable.

I take my medication often. How many coupons will I get?

You can download coupons as often as you need them. Just come to before each visit to the pharmacy to find coupons for your over-the-counter and prescription medicines.

How often do you update the coupons on your website?

Our coupon database is updated DAILY. We do our absolute best to make sure that coupons are added as soon as we receive them. Also, we do our best to remove coupons as they expire. If you should find a coupon for a prescription or over the counter medicine that is not listed on our website, please notify us immediately. We will make sure it is added asap. .

What if I have insurance? Can the medicine coupon program still benefit me?

It may. Some of the coupons we list can be used to reduce co pays (see coupon details). Some people who have high deductible insurance plans can actually save more with a coupon or our Free Prescription Savings Card, than if they ran their purchase through their insurance. Also, many people in the Medicare doughnut hole use our coupons successfully.

Will my pharmacy accept my Medicine Coupon?

There are well over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide that support our program and honor our coupons. Major pharmacies including Wal Mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Costco, Publix, Target and most other national & independent pharmacies accept our coupons. If your pharmacy chooses not to honor our coupons or Prescription Savings Card, you may want to switch to a pharmacy that will.

PROGRAM SPECIFIC QUESTIONS- Patient Assistance Programs

What is a Patient Assistance Program (PAP)?

Patient Assistance Programs are charitable programs, usually sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, designed to offer low cost or FREE medicine to people who qualify.

What are the qualifications to be accepted in a Patient Assistance Program?

Each PAP has its own set of specific qualifications, but basically they tend to be similar in several ways. Your income or combined household income must fall below 200% of the Federal Government's Poverty Guidelines; you must not currently have prescription drug coverage and you must be a US Citizen or legal resident. Complete the form on the following page to see if you qualify, please click here.

Is there an easy way to see if I could qualify for Patient Assistance?

Yes. Click Here and fill out the short form to see if you or someone in your family could qualify to receive free medicine.

How do I apply to receive Free Medicine through Patient Assistance Programs?

You have a choice.
1. We will provide you with links to Patient Assistance websites and application forms if you choose to apply on your own.
2. If you need help, we have teamed up with Patient Assistance Advocacy & Enrollment Specialist companies that can make the enrollment process super easy for you. For a small monthly fee, they will correctly complete all patient assistance applications for as many medicines as you need. They mail you all completed forms for you and your doctor to sign & return. They maintain contact with pharmaceutical companies to make sure your applications are processed in a timely fashion. In addition, they take care of all prescription refill requests for as long as you continue to qualify. For visitors, they guarantee enrollment in a PAP program or they will refund 100% of your money.
To see if you could qualify for patient assistance & to get a callback from a Patient Assistance Advocate, please CLICK HERE to complete a short Patient Assistance request.

What are the advantages to using a Patient Assistance Advocacy company to enroll me in Patient Assistance programs?

Just like you could do your own taxes, you could apply for patient assistance on your own. The advantages to using a professional company are the following:
1. No guess work or headaches. They know how to complete all necessary paperwork correctly in order to get the best results for you. If you do not fill out each patient assistance program paperwork packet the correctly, you run the risk of getting your applications kick-back until everything is done correctly. Also, you run the risk of not getting accepted at all & needing to file an appeal.
2. They take care of the entire process from enrolling to maintaining your enrollment to processing refill requests.
3. They guarantee enrollment or you pay NOTHING!

I do have health insurance but my medicines are not covered. Can I still qualify?

The answer is maybe. Because each PAP has their own set of guidelines, you will need to refer to each program's details.
I thought that my medicines would be free if I enrolled. When will I receive my free medication? You will not receive free medication from us. You will receive, if you qualify per the guidelines of the PAP you apply for. Most PAPs will process your application and send your free medication in approximately 4-6 weeks depending on the company. Please ask them specifically. What we offer you is a free service to find the information and the program that may benefit you.
The only way to receive free medication discounts is to qualify and apply. Please see the qualifications for the individual drug you need- and remember you may or may not qualify based on the federal guidelines.

What will my doctor have to do to help me enroll in the program?

Your doctor will be asked to answer some questions on the application form, attach your prescription and your patient diagnosis. The paperwork provided by each pharmaceutical company or the Patient Assistance Advocacy company will be self-explanatory for you doctor

What if my doctor says he is too busy or will not participate for some other reason?

Please explain to your doctor that your medication is a financial hardship for you and this program is very important for you and your health.

What if I need help affording my medicine while I wait for my PAP application to be processed?

Please search our coupon database or print our prescription savings card for savings opportunities by clicking Print.

You could also ask your physician for samples of your medicine.

If I do not qualify for the PAP Program, can I still sign up for your free Prescription Savings Card?

Absolutely. There is no prequalification for the Prescription Savings Card. All you have to do is print it and take it to your pharmacy. There is absolutely no cost to you or your family. It is accepted in over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.


What is a Prescription Savings Card?

A prescription savings card is another one of the FREE services we offer to you. It provides discounts on over 20,000 Prescription medicines at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

How much does the Prescription Savings Card cost me?

That is the best part. It is absolutely FREE- there is no cost to you ever- no membership fee, no monthly charges. We will never ask for your credit card information.

How do I get my Prescription Savings Card?

You can print a card from practically any page on our website. To print the card immediately, CLICK ON THIS LINK.

I own a company with many part-time employees and independent contractors. We do not offer health insurance. Can I order cards for all my employees and give the Prescription Savings Card to them as an employee benefit?

Absolutely. That is actually a great idea. Your employees will appreciate the chance to save money on prescription medicine. Although it is not the same as prescription drug insurance, it does offer a free alternative to high price plans. You can click here to be directed to the form to order 50, 100 or more physical prescription cards. We will mail them at no cost to you.

My company has over 500 employees. Am I able to order Prescription Savings Cards with my company's name on it?

Yes you can. This is a new service that we just started offering due to high demand. We can customize Prescription Savings Cards with your company"s logo. It is a great benefit for your employees and a very professional look for your company. For pricing, please contact us.

Does my pharmacy accept your Prescription Savings Card?

Most likely they will. Our cards are accepted in over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. Pharmacies include Wal Mart, Costco, Target, Kmart, Rite Aid, CVS, and most other large chain " independent pharmacies.

What if my pharmacy is not a participating member in your program?

Then please ask your pharmacist to call the toll free # at the bottom of your card to learn how to participate. If your pharmacy chooses to not become a member in this free program, you can choose to shop at one of the other 60,000 pharmacies that do participate.

What if I change my pharmacy while I am enrolled in the program?

That is not a problem. Your Prescription Savings Card is not pharmacy specific. You can simply take your card with you and present it to your new pharmacy. They will input your information into their database and you can continue receiving great discounts and benefits.

How much of a discount will I receive? does not determine the discount you receive. The discount you receive depends on the pharmacy, the medicine and your geographic area. Discounts have been as great as 80% or more.

Medicine Coupons
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