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Azilect Patient Assistance Program

Azilect Assistance Information

Azilect Assistance Program is available through Teva Pharm AZ (the manufacturer of Azilect). Qualified applicants will receive FREE Azilect directly from Teva Pharm AZ.

Do you Qualify to Receive FREE Azilect?

Please read the entire page for information on how to get help applying for FREE Azilect & other free prescription medicines.

Qualifications for Azilect Assistance:

  • You must have a valid prescription for Azilect.
  • Your Azilect must not be covered by private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.
  • You must be within the following income limits:
Family size Max income limit
1 $ 11,170
2 $ 15,130
3 $ 19,090
4 $ 23,050

For larger families, most patient assistance programs require that your total family income must be within 200% of Federal Poverty Levels

Additional Important Azilect Assistance Information:

Individuals can apply for Free Azilect by completing the application and all related paperwork found on the Teva Pharm AZ website.

Please continue reading if you currently take 2 or more prescription medicines or you need help applying for Azilect Assistance...

Potential Problem: The patient assistance application process can be cumbersome – especially when it comes to applying for assistance with 2 or more medicines.

The Solution: works with trusted, professional patient assistance enrollment organizations. Their compassionate patient assistance advocates will take care of the entire patient assistance application & enrollment process on your behalf (no matter how many medicines you take; no matter how many different patient assistance programs they need to apply for).
They have direct relationships with each patient assistance program, making it quick and easy for you to enroll & continue receiving free medicine for as long as you qualify.
*This is a paid service. Enrollment in a patient assistance program is guaranteed provided that all info you provide is accurate.

Want to talk with a Professional Patient Assistance Advocate??

Click Here and complete the short patient assistance request form & Get the Help You Need TODAY.

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